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On a desktop computer, hover (don't click) your cursor over the menu to reveal drop-down menu selections. Click to choose one. Once you are on a project page, you can click on an image in the thumbnail strip to go directly to that image. Hovering near either end of the thumnail strip scrubs the strip forward or reverse. Hover over the main image area to get forward/reverse arrows and a description of the image.  Clicking directly on the main image area expands it in a pop-up window, and provides forward/reverse arrows as well. Click the 'x' in the upper right corner to close this window, and return to the site. 

On an android or Iphone, a button with three green stripes will appear on the home page in the upper right-hand area - this is your menu, and touching it will reveal a drop-down menu with categories and sub-categories. Ensure that your are in 'mobile' mode. Typical desktop functionality as described above is available here, too.

On the Ipad, touch once on the menu to get the drop-down selections. Touch a project name once to select it, and again to open your selection. Navigate as above.

Unfortunately, the site doesn't work well with the microsoft Surface. We are attempting to resolve this issue.

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