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Schema offers design and drafting services with a focus on custom single family residential work. We can also design and provide working drawings for small commercial projects, such as storefronts and restaurant interiors. Additional building types may be accommodated - please contact us to discuss.
Schema also offers 3-d visualisation, and this extends beyond architectural concerns. Almost any project can be realized.


As part of our residential design process, clients will receive conceptual drawings that describe the proposal in plan, elevation and section, and describe how the project will relate to its site. Depending on the complexity and level of service, clients will receive some form of presentation - either an illustration or a 3d model - to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the proposal.


Clients can choose from various levels of service from a basic building permit package to a full service package - which is highly recommended considering the complexity of a modern home. With the top tier package, Schema will develop full interior detailing - including floor finish and reflected ceiling plans, full electrical fixture layouts - and will assist with light fixture and plumbing fixture selection, finishing materials and color selection, and will provide extensive construction detailing, site supervision, and more.

Sample drawings of a full service package can be viewed in the 'Drawings' section of the site.


Every project will have a its own specific requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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