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We believe that the most important element in the production of your home is design. We are extremely passionate about good design and believe it is a necessity. It is necessary to improve our neighborhoods, our cities, and by extension - our lives. We believe good design benefits everyone involved in the process - it makes us all look good.


We believe that designing is an organic process, and that it is a means of organizing a very diverse and often complex series of concerns into a cohesive, intelligent whole.

The design process begins with a thorough understanding of the client's needs and wants. Context is an important consideration, and refers to the existing aesthetic and overall atmosphere of the neighborhood. The process continues with a detailed analysis of the site and neighboring properties and structures, accessibility, available views, vegetation, existing landscape features, and more. Orientation of the site to the sun is critical. It helps determine placement of rooms and functions, amount of glazing, shading, etc. Siting is the relationship of the massing of the home to the site itself. This again is an important consideration, and determines the configuration and type of hard landscaping, and the overall 'curb appeal' of the home. Interiors are designed with consideration of the relationship of spaces to one another, and what one sees moving within the spaces, and their relationship to the outside. All of these concerns need to be addressed, while respecting zoning and building bylaws, the style, and the budget. The process culminates in the final, coherent vision that you will call your new home. Schema's careful consideration and innovative approach at every stage will ensure a successful project, satisfying aesthetic and practical concerns.

Whether you desire traditional, west coast, modern, or beyond - we can design a home that not only suits your lifestyle and taste - it will exceed your expectations.

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